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Jammin’ in the Sunshine!

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Sign of the Times

As we recently mentioned, our friend Hollie Chambers embarked on a charity hitchhike to Morocco with team mates Harry and Ed.

We caught up with our intrepid student, who completed work experience at Bonk & Co Edinburgh earlier this year, as she prepared to leave British soil. Guess where our story picks up? Yes, that’s right, with the three of them sunbathing in a traffic jam on the M11! Who said excitement was dead?

Hollie took five to email the team, adding: “Ed, Harry and I are currently lying in the middle of the M11 soaking up the sun whilst everything is at a standstill. Still wearing my lovely Bonk & Co t-shirt on and people are still asking me what the name is all about, so I am more than happy to tell them all about you guys! Not exactly glamorous but that’s life on the road! We’re all pretty excited about touching down on French soil – but at this rate we’ll be lucky to be there in a week!

We’ll catch up with Hollie again once she, Ed and Harry are across the Channel and spreading the Bonk & Co word on the Continent.
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