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What's New On The Market - Scan 1001 and Scan 1002

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Scan 1002 White ChromeScan is one of the leading manufacturers of wood stoves, and is also one of the largest! Their history of quality products – which they call “heating furniture” – is quite unmatched in the wood stove industry. They are particularly known for their clean and contemporary designs, the easy functionality of their products, and their commitment to using only environment friendly technology.

Wood burning stove lovers will be pleased to hear that Scan recently unveiled two new models of wood burning stoves as a part of their product line. The two releases – named Scan 1001 and Scan 1002 – are part of the insert fireplace collection and are a great addition to their existing fireplace stoves.

Scan 1001 and Scan 1002 have reportedly been designed by the Copenhagen company Halskov and Dalsgaard Design. Hanne Dalsgaard and Christina Halskov form the brainchild team behind the sleek and ultra-modern design of the new wood burning stove inserts that Scan has the right to be proud about!

The stoves are classic wood burning inserts but are designed to look pretty and blend in with the décor of any room. The gorgeous and yet simple outlook of the inserts is very modern and has an almost feminine quality to it. What’s more is that these stoves have come with a new feature that is as of yet unheard in the market: both models sport a glass handle, which is a brilliant idea as it remains cool to the touch even after the stove has been on for a while.


Scan 1001 and Scan 1002 are large fireplace inserts crafted with glass frames, with the choice of colours for the frame being black or white for both models. The insert is large and flush into any surface and is perfect as a classy heating furniture piece even for the kitchen. Customers will be able to choose from the trim options according to what they desire, and can benefit from the handy glass handle which won’t accidentally burn anyone’s hand!

Scan 1002 has a wider size than Scan 1001, and can take up to 50-60 cm logs as opposed to 33 cm optimization size of logs for the 1001 model. Both models, however, have very much in common and are designed for superb performance and high efficiency of 82%.

The newer developments seen in these two models of inserts are a step higher than the previous stoves of Scan, with their improved heat distribution, and non-intrusive design. The large glass outer frames have been created with a high sense of aesthetics as the sight of a large, friendly crackling fire does so much for creating warmth and cosiness in a room.

The Scan 1001 and 1002 are being lauded as a set of innovative new products that are available for consumers to install in their homes or offices. The sleek white frame lends a futuristic and clean look to the fireplaces that will appeal to many and soon make these wood-stove fireplaces a huge favourite among customers!

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